refining and designing tie-dye since 2000

It began with an idea to grow a screen printing business when founder Nathan Brown wrung out his first tie-dye T-shirt designs equipped with little more than a bathtub, a few buckets and eight colors of dye. As color variations and dye styles expanded, so did Dyenomite’s order requests. Today, Dyenomite ties, dyes and dries millions of shirts, without sacrificing quality or uniqueness on every shirt.

In fact, Dyenomite is one of the largest dye house in the United States, offering more than 400 colorways, dozens of dye patterns and numerous dye techniques, including tie-dye designs, neon colors, garment dying, pastel, subtractive colors, sprays and more. It’s all done in-house, right here in our Columbus, Ohio, facility.

It wasn’t long after when Dyenomite exploded onto the tie-dye scene in July 2000, designing and selling traditional, saturated, multicolored tie-dye and tie-dye blend T-shirts and hoodies in school colors.

Tie-dye: blending art, science and fashion

Creating the ideal tie-dye apparel includes the combination of:

Precision hand-tie process:
Every piece is hand-tied to create unique pieces of wearable art.

Proper pH balance:
Our shirts won't shrink or fade, even after repeated washings.

Quality knit garments:
Our customers know they are purchasing high-quality tie-dye apparel.

Young woman in tie-dye pants standing in front of door

Fashion to dye for

Tie-dye is more than a summer camp staple. From fashion houses to promotional companies, tie-dye is here to stay. Garment wholesalers, decorators and screen printers trust that Dyenomite garments provide color consistency, colorfastness and unmatched quality.

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