About Dyenomite Apparel

Proudly Dyed Right Here in the USA

We Are

We are an ecentric and hard-working team committed to having fun while ensuring the utmost quality.

We take in truckloads of plain and ordinary garments and send them out with our unique blends of color combinations and styles.

We ensure that each hand-dyed garment stands out individually, never
producing the same thing twice.

We celebrate the free-spirit of standing out and celebrating individually for every occasion.

We Offer

In addition to creating great garments, we provide all end-to-end services in-house, making us the only dye house that can be a single-source solution.

Quality, In-Stock Garments, Fast ― We offer same-day shipping on over 150 in-stock styles and colors.

Fun and Unique Made-to-Order Garments ― Our made-to-order options allow you to choose from 13 styles and 99 colors to create your perfect canvas.

One-of-a-Kind Garments ― Our PMS color matching services provide endless options.


Our array of color combinations and styles can make every event or holiday event easy to coordinate, customize and sell!

Tie-dye and garment-dye are great for making a statement, celebrating an occasion or adding some flair versus a more traditional garment.

Have customers interested in July 4th celebrations? Raising cancer awareness each October? Showing LGBTQ pride? Something else? Our craftspeople can show you how our garments bring just about anything to life with one of our custom creations.

Endless Inspiration